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Your journey into energising your business has just begun. 

My Role As A Business Coach


Whether your business is still an idea in your head or is well established, by challenging your thought processes, I can help you identify areas of opportunity or development. These may lie in strategy & operations, customer service, business development, marketing and much more. 

Strategy And Operations


It’s important to know where you are going and how you are going to get there, especially in uncertain times.  Keeping your team motivated and focused is key to achieving your vision and this cannot be done without a strategy. As a business coach I can help you build an infrastructure that will help drive your overall business strategy.




Customer Service Strategy


In a time where competition is fierce and e-commerce is causing bricks and

mortar stores to close down, a customer service strategy should be your main

focus.  I can help you develop your strategy to ensure that you are putting

customers at the heart of your business and safeguarding their loyalty.



Business Development


“You can’t manage it if you don’t measure it” is an age-old adage in the business world. However, the key is to measure the correct areas within your business to get the best results.  I can help you build the appropriate KPI’s for your retail business that in turn will highlight areas of improvement or focus for you and your team.


Perfections Day Spa - Coleraine


After being introduced to Anna through a business mentoring scheme she helped us look at how we retail within our business with a fresh set of eyes.  Her advice was very helpful as we made a major decision about dropping the Bare Minerals make up range and found a new brand; a decision that proved highly profitable!  With her help, we also scrapped our old gift vouchers in favour of new Gift Cards with no expiry dates; which was extremely popular with clients over the Christmas sales period.   As Anna is local she manages to give advice on new opportunities in the area and has a wealth of valuable contacts too.

We would recommend Anna to any business, new or existing, to give a fresh perspective on how you operate and what improvements can be made to make you more effective.




Aspire Freedom - Coleraine

Anna delivered a social media workshop for my team. We all learned a lot and loved how personal and relaxed she made it. 

We can't wait to put what we learned into action.  It was very practical teaching and changes that will impact my business immediately.

We will definitely be having her back for more!! 


5 stars !!


smile club ni.jpg

I was extremely impressed with the mentoring I received from Anna. She was very approachable, easy to work with and most importantly very encouraging and enthusiastic. Anna’s expertise helped to point me in the right direction on a number of important issues I was dealing with. In particular, those areas where I was spending a great deal of time and energy. She came up with a number of strategies to help me streamline certain areas of the business. To find ways of maximising productivity whilst also remaining focused on the attention to detail. In particular, this was with administration side of things. This help will enable me to focus on staff recruitment and staff training which is a huge focus area for me in the coming months. Anna also assisted me in managing the processes of the business. This has helped me gain a valuable insight into how to manage both people and situations more effectively. Anna has been able to use her expertise and contacts to open channels I would not have considered previously. For example, working with the universities and how there are areas within these institutions that could be of benefit to small business. Anna, was able to approach companies on my behalf and other bodies, making phone calls and conducting meetings on my behalf. All of this was incredibly productive for me whilst I continue to work full time with the business on the side. She has enabled me through in depth discussion to think about how I manage the various procedures within the business. I have had discussions on all the policies, GDPR, and processes within the business. Anna has also been very creative with her ideas and concepts. This has also given me areas to consider for further development down the line. I would highly recommend Anna to other clients. She was able to identify very early on what I needed to do to have the most effective outcome. She was then able to guide me on how to go about these processes. She was also proactive in finding the solutions. This help I know will transform my business as the developments I have made in the last few months are significant. I can now focus on other very important aspects of the business and have the confidence to scale up sooner than I would have previously anticipated.